Trying a New Syndication Strategy on

Up until now, I’ve publicized my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. This is not a terribly effective strategy, for a variety of reasons most people summarize as “The Algorithm.” And as time goes by, my appetite for logging on to those sites has dwindled to non-existent — again, thanks to “The Algorithm.” And yet, I still feel the need to let the world know when I’ve written something. So, I’m going somewhere different.

All my blogs — Multo, Ephemera, Dark Tales Sleuth, and even — are now syndicated at, at the link

UPDATE 31 Oct 2022: After a couple of days, I decided I didn’t like the terse “just the title and a link” view that syndicating my blogs gave me. So I built myself a little microblogging site, Short Thoughts, on Github Pages and syndicated that instead. I’ll be using that site the way I used Twitter, to announce new posts with a short introduction, across all my blogs.

If you’d like a feed of all my blog post announcements, with less chit-chat than might occur at, you can subscribe directly to Short Thoughts via RSS.

To quote their self-description, is “a social media-style timeline where bloggers can follow each other and engage in conversations.” Users can post either via a hosted site, or via external syndicated blogs, or both. The timeline is strictly chronological. The platform also has other characteristics designed to prevent spammy behavior and harassment. If you aren’t familiar with, you can check them out here (more details here).

Currently, I’m on the free plan, which means I can only syndicate my external blogs and converse with people I follow via the timeline. I don’t need yet another blog site, but if I like the place, I may upgrade to a paid plan.

I don’t expect this to increase the visibility of my writing in any meaningful way; I’m not terribly “social,” no matter what the forum is. But at least now I have a handy link to point people to, on a site that doesn’t radiate negative energy like many other social media sites do.

I may (or may not) continue to announce my posts on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ve removed those social media links from my blogs, in favor of You can find the icon to my feed next to the RSS icon, at the top of the blog’s main menu.

Given Twitter’s recent acquisition, I expect that I won’t be the only person disengaging from the site. If you happen to be on, or decide to join, please do follow me: @MultoGhost. And if you feel like it, say hi to me when you are there. One of’s properties is that they don’t tell me how many people are following me, or who they are. I like the idea of eliminating the popularity contest, but I’d also like to know if any of you join the community.

We’ll see how it goes.

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