Introducing The Dark Tales Sleuth!

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I’ve started another blog. Introducing The Dark Tales Sleuth!!

MadelynMack books
Image: From Miss Madelyn Mack, Detective, by Hugh C. Weir (1914).
Source: Internet Archive

It started when I came across an old anthology called Evening Tales for the Winter (1856). The first few stories included some interesting gothic tales, some implied to be translated from German; the book looked to be a potential source for good stories to share for Winter Tales season. So I started reading.

I noticed, though, that nothing was attributed: no authors, no translators, no information at all. This annoys me.

So, while reading, in addition to marking good candidates for Winter Tales, I started idly trying to track down sources, too. Some of the attributions are already provided at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, but I was finding new information, as well. Plus, I kept finding stories (more folkloric than spooky) that might be fun to share, but not necessarily at Christmas.

Trying to organize all this seemed too complicated for Multo, so I decided to start a new site, just for this project. Then I thought, since this sort of literary sleuthing is something I like to do (remember my hunt for the sources of Vincent Price spoken word pieces?), I decided to make the site a bit more general. Hence Dark Tales Sleuth was born.

It’s a work in progress; do feel free to look around, and please follow the blog if this sort of thing interests you. I’ll post about my research, and when I have time, I’ll likely transcribe and post some of the stories, too.

I’ve already posted a piece of research that I’m rather proud of: investigating “The Story of Judar”, which turns out to be from The Thousand and One Nights — I’m pretty sure that the version published in Evening Tales is a reprint of the first English version of the Judar story, and now I know where the translation is from!

To start off the site, I’ve also reposted (slightly reorganized), my Vincent Price research. I had outside help with that project, and I hope that Dark Tales Sleuth might catch the attention of other, like-minded literary sleuths. It would be fun to completely attribute all the stories in the anthology!

Let’s see how far we can get. The game is afoot!

(And yes, I plan to still post here, too, and hopefully put new translations up on Ephemera as well.)

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