Footprints in the Sand, Messages in Bottles


That’s how I think of my social media presence, and really about this blog, too. Will anyone follow the footprints that I leave along the beach? Will they pluck my bottles from the surf? It’s up to you, they’re there to find. It’s haphazard, to be sure, but there it is.

Folks in my circle have been wandering over to Ello, ever since the Facebook “real names” kerfluffle. I don’t know if it will stick (indications right now are that it won’t, with my set), but I was curious, and I wrangled myself an account. The various kinds of social media each have their strengths and shortcomings; I haven’t found one that fits me well, but maybe that’s more about me than anything else.

Anyway, it gave me an excuse to update my “About” page with a more complete list of places to find me (places that have to do with Multo, that is). I’ll add it here, as well.

Twitter: (@MultoGhost) (this button is also on the side). Almost exclusively tweets about things that might be interesting to those who read this blog: new posts, posts from the archives, tweets about what I’ve been reading or watching that others might find interesting. The occasional video.

Google Plus: (Nina Zumel) Notifications about new blog posts to Multo or to my other blogs ( or I don’t use it for much else.

Ello: (@NinaZumel) Ello isn’t fully public yet, but I think you can see my profile (such as it is) by clicking on the link. I’m leaving this one open to any possible content: about my blogs, about my dancing, random photos and musings. There’s not much here yet; how it evolves depends on whether anyone follows me here, and who they are. I see it right now as “Twitter without the character limit”, and will probably use it accordingly. I would like a place to leave things for you (my readers) that are longer than a tweet, shorter than a blog post. We’ll see…

Yes, I’m on Facebook, too, but I haven’t enabled following on my account, and I don’t plan to.

And if any much of you are on Google Plus, well, I can revive that, as well.

8 thoughts on “Footprints in the Sand, Messages in Bottles

  1. Thanks for tweeting my “reading and writing” essay, Nina. In looking at the other tweets, I noticed the one about “The Swimmer.” I realize the post isn’t Cheever’s, but I recall Burt Lancaster in a movie version of the original.

    1. You’re quite welcome. It seems like so many people who blog are trying actively (or not so actively, but still somewhat) to be “real writers.” Or the blog is a marketing arm of their profession, like the Win-Vector blog is with us. Those are often still great blogs, but I like the blogs by people who do it either because they have an excess of enthusiasm about their hobby or vocation, or simply for the pleasure, the way you write (and read).

      Re. the Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer — I’ve heard of that movie, but I haven’t seen it. I understand it’s fairly faithful to the story (with some padding), which is good, because I really really like the short story.

  2. I briefly considered wrangling a Ello invite, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do another social media profile/account. I barely have interest in the ones I have! With that said, I would be certainly curious to know how you find it–even though it’s still in Beta. Perhaps, I’m too much of a skeptic, but as recent tech history shows, it’s very hard for a free non-advert based/non-data selling tool to stick around for very long.

    1. Oh, I won’t argue with your skepticism. As I said, we’ll see. Supposedly their business plan is to sell premium features, like WordPress does — we’ll see what happens.

      Ello right now is minimalist (can you see my page?), without a lot of functionality, but I like the Friends/Noise dichotomy they make. The idea is that your Friends is a small group of people (they recommend around 60 at most) you really want to follow in detail, and Noise is for people who seem interesting enough to follow, but only casually. The timelines are set up so you can peruse Friends, and skim Noise.

      For me, the driver is a search for a social networking mode that works for me. I want someplace where people who follow me actually see my post (unlike Facebook, which chooses what’s visible to whom), where I can post things longer than a tweet, shorter than a blog post. In theory Gplus could be that, except it’s not. Don’t know if Ello will be, and right now I’m Elloing into the void 🙂 But I’ve found a couple of interesting people on it already, though.

        1. How kind! I’m actually having trouble seeing it, though. I wonder if their network is overloaded or it is just because I am in Austria and often can’t connect to American sites as they are blocked here. I am fond of the idea of having separate noise and friends (because I’m so over Facebook pretty much just showing me the same three people over and over again; I miss so much). I’ll try again because maybe it is their connection.

          1. Ah! It now works. Maybe it just had a lag last night when I was trying to take a gander. Sure, if you have an invite for me that would be wonderful (but please don’t waste it on me if you only get a limited number). I’ve been looking for something new to add to my procrastination.

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