Friday Video: Mountain Ash

It’s Friday the 13th! And a full moon. Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in popular superstition, so today I’m featuring a sweet, gruesomely humorous little ghost story about bad luck. And about the Circle of Life, too.

Mountain Ash, by Jake Armstrong and Erin Kilkenny, was made as part of the Late Night Work Club’s animated collaborative film Ghost Stories. It’s one of my favorite pieces from the anthology.

Length: 4 minutes, 47 seconds.


2 thoughts on “Friday Video: Mountain Ash

  1. My initial response to this was to think that it represented a cartoon version on Hobbes’ commentary “…the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short,” but extended to the life of all living things, at least in the absence of some governmental limits. On the other hand, there is a necessary caution here about the interconnectedness among those same living things and our need to care for the planet itself. Or perhaps it is just a children’s cartoon in the grim genre of the brothers Grimm. Thought provoking, for sure. Thanks, Nina.

    1. It seems too light-hearted to be the strictly Hobbesian interpretation (“nasty, brutish and short”). There is certainly a theme of interconnectedness, that humans are part of the life cycle, not above it or beyond it. I really liked that the man’s ghost went on cutting down the firewood, and warming himself at his hearth. As if his idea of heaven was exactly the life he had been living.

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