Friday Video: The Visitor

A short video to enjoy on lunch or coffee break, or after your workday is done:

This is from a series of youtube videos called “Ghost Stories from Japan”. They appear to be short segments from an old TV show; I’m guessing it was done in the ’90s, from the clothing and hair.

I’ve watched several of them; they’re all pretty good, but this one has always scared me the most. Don’t watch it in the dark!

Length: 5 min, 3 sec. Use the CC icon at the bottom of the video if you don’t get the subtitles.

If anyone can tell me what the series is called, please drop a comment below. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Friday Video: The Visitor

  1. The only scarier thing I can think of is if my long deceased Aunt Florence replaced Aunt Machiko! It also seems to me that there was a quite good movie with Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn called “The Visit.” A horror movie of a very different and in no way supernatural kind. Thanks for posting this, Nina.

    • Ha! Glad you got a scare out of it.
      I hadn’t heard of “The Visit” before, but from the synopses online it sounds intriguing. I’m adding it to my list… Thanks!

  2. This is perfect, especially, because I looked into the Locke & Key graphic novels per your suggestion. Creepy houses are swarming my entertainment right now. The moral is, if you’re in a ghost story/film, always believe the children! Adults always dismisses them until it’s too late.

    • “Always believe the children:” YES. Edith Nesbit has a line in one of her books (maybe more than one) about how the children in her story don’t even bother to mention strange things to the adults because the adults are so obtuse.

      Hope you enjoy Locke & Key! The latest one (vol. 6, I think) is sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to get to it…

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