RSS: Sometimes Old School is Best

I went back to using RSS to follow blogs and other websites recently; I don’t know why I ever stopped. My email doesn’t get clogged by notifications anymore, and I don’t lose blog updates in the ever-flowing stream of Twitter or Facebook or the WordPress reader. I can follow any blog on any platform as long as they have an RSS feed, and I don’t need to have accounts on every possible platform, either, just Feedly (and not even that, if I didn’t want to sync between devices).

It also occurred to me that RSS is really the best medium for following small-scale amateur bloggers like me, especially ones who are social-network introverts. I don’t blog on an absolutely regular schedule, and my tweets and facebook updates tend to get lost amongst others who status-update or tweet (or in the case of WordPress reader, simply post) more frequently than I do.

So I’ve added a “Follow me on Feedly” button to the side of my blog; if you use another RSS reader, like Bloglovin or NetNewsWire, there is a generic RSS widget, as well. Even if you follow me other places – Twitter, WordPress, or Google+(*) — please do consider also following me (and other bloggers you love) via RSS, so you will be sure to never miss my blog updates. Thanks!

(*) I’m on Facebook, too, but it’s my personal account, not a Multo page. Strictly speaking, the Google+ account is also a personal account, but I only use it to announce blog posts.

6 thoughts on “RSS: Sometimes Old School is Best

  1. I swear by RSS. I first used Google Reader, then transitioned to Feedly when GR went away. It’s so much better than being bombarded with emails and the WP reader is a joke. You’re already in my Feedly, otherwise, I would certainly click click the green button.

    1. The email thing is unmanageable, and I agree that the WP reader is poor (not to mention you can’t read non-WP blogs on it). I’d been using NetNewsWire, then stopped when I started reading on multiple devices — couldn’t sync between them, at least at the time. Skipped right over Google Reader, for a variety of reasons. So happy I went back!

      RSS isn’t as sexy as social media, but it’s really the best way to follow a website.

      1. Yes, that’s what I like about Feedly. I can read on my computer, iphone, and tablet. Also, it might not be as social media sexy, but it does let you know how many times an article or post has been shared through the reader.

          1. I took a screenshot for you. In this case, it’s the #7 next to your byline.

            Also, you can see how man people subscribe via Feedly at the top. It says something like x-number of readers under the feed.

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