RSS: Sometimes Old School is Best

I went back to using RSS to follow blogs and other websites recently; I don’t know why I ever stopped. My email doesn’t get clogged by notifications anymore, and I don’t lose blog updates in the ever-flowing stream of Twitter or Facebook or the WordPress reader. I can follow any blog on any platform as long as they have an RSS feed, and I don’t need to have accounts on every possible platform, either, just Feedly (and not even that, if I didn’t want to sync between devices).

It also occurred to me that RSS is really the best medium for following small-scale amateur bloggers like me, especially ones who are social-network introverts. I don’t blog on an absolutely regular schedule, and my tweets and facebook updates tend to get lost amongst others who status-update or tweet (or in the case of WordPress reader, simply post) more frequently than I do.

So I’ve added a “Follow me on Feedly” button to the side of my blog; if you use another RSS reader, like Bloglovin or NetNewsWire, there is a generic RSS widget, as well. Even if you follow me other places – Twitter, WordPress, or Google+(*) — please do consider also following me (and other bloggers you love) via RSS, so you will be sure to never miss my blog updates. Thanks!

(*) I’m on Facebook, too, but it’s my personal account, not a Multo page. Strictly speaking, the Google+ account is also a personal account, but I only use it to announce blog posts.

6 thoughts on “RSS: Sometimes Old School is Best

  1. I swear by RSS. I first used Google Reader, then transitioned to Feedly when GR went away. It’s so much better than being bombarded with emails and the WP reader is a joke. You’re already in my Feedly, otherwise, I would certainly click click the green button.

    • The email thing is unmanageable, and I agree that the WP reader is poor (not to mention you can’t read non-WP blogs on it). I’d been using NetNewsWire, then stopped when I started reading on multiple devices — couldn’t sync between them, at least at the time. Skipped right over Google Reader, for a variety of reasons. So happy I went back!

      RSS isn’t as sexy as social media, but it’s really the best way to follow a website.

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