Before They Were The Simpsons…

I was sorry to read this morning that Margaret Groening, Matt Groening’s mother, passed away last month. Didn’t she have a great smile?

NewImagePhoto: Gawker

Margaret’s son Matt is the author behind the old Life In Hell comic, and of course, the creator of The Simpsons. The Simpsons (their names, at least) were inspired by Matt’s real life family: parents Homer and Margaret (don’t call her Marge!), siblings Lisa and Maggie (as well as Patty and Mark, who may or may not be Bart, I suppose).

Someone posted this charming little film from 1969, by Homer Groening. Little Matt is telling his baby sister Maggie a story about Matt and Lisa’s adventures. It’s a chain tale: the kind where the action accumulates and repeats, like The Gingerbread Man, who gets chased first by a little old woman, then by a little old man who is in turn chased by the little old woman, and so on. Chain tales are a lot of fun for oral storytelling, if you can deliver them well.

And little Matt does. Enjoy.

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