Something You Can’t Do With an Ebook

Browsing the Mai-Do stationery store at the Japantown Mall today, and I found these:


They are little plastic bookmarks with a bit of sticky-tape at the end, so you can mark your pages, PostIt-style. How could I resist?

Here are two of them in action:


And a couple more close-ups:



Five sheets, six different bookmarks. Maybe I’ll make some headway on that inexorably growing stack of books by my bed….

12 thoughts on “Something You Can’t Do With an Ebook

    1. Hmm, then maybe you want a gaki bookmark (gaki = Japanese version of the hungry ghost). I don’t think any of mine are gaki.

      From Wikipedia:
      Gaki (餓鬼) are the spirits of jealous or greedy people who, as punishment for their mortal vices, have been cursed with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. … Jikininki (食人鬼 “man-eating ghosts”) are the spirits of greedy, selfish or impious individuals who are cursed after death to seek out and eat human corpses

      The image is from here (with description of the gaki):

      And Wikipedia article is here:

      Not to imply that people with personal demons are bad people, of course. It’s just the closest metaphor I could think of in my admittedly limited knowledge of Japanese demonology…..

    1. I know what you mean — most of my past bookmarks have been old subway tickets or those little punch card coupons from coffee shops (buy 10, get one free)…

    1. Well, technically, the original gift-giving day was Epiphany, wasn’t it? So you’ve got three more days!! I found them at MaiDo, on the second floor of the Japantown Mall near the Kinokuniya Bookstore (the big multistory bookstore on I think the west side of the mall).

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