Giving Thanks on my Blogiversary

A Belated Happy American Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! I’m at my parents’ house, recovering from last night’s dinner and thinking about the past year that I’ve spent writing Multo.

Roses on the cake

First off, I have to admit I’ve been remiss of late, and for that I apologize. I apologize for not posting, of course; but more than that I apologize to everyone whose blogs I follow, because I haven’t been following lately. And in blogging (as in much of life, really), you only get back what you give out. So thank you to everyone who follows my blog, and who has taken the time to comment, and thank you to everyone who has responded to my comments on their blogs. It’s nice to feel those tendrils of connection all over the globe, and to know that there are people out there who read and enjoy what I write. I even met one of you in person, recently, and I truly enjoyed the face-to-face conversation. Hopefully, there will be more of that.

Thank you for enjoying the crazy stories that I get from my Mom and Dad, and the crazy anecdotes and “ghost encounters” from out of my own head. Thank you for sharing some of your crazy stories and ghost encounters with me. Thank you for being amused at my little essays about folklore in music, or my idiosyncratic decisions on what books or stories to review, or my amateur attempts at folklore study, or whatever random ramblings happen to come from my keyboard. Whatever brought you here and keeps you visiting at least occasionally — I’m grateful. In theory, a blog should be “stickier” if it keeps to a discernible theme, right? There is a theme for this blog, in my head, but I admit that it probably seems rather diffuse, to everyone else. And some of you are okay with that! It’s terrific.

This year has been full of learning, in so many ways. My writing has gotten tighter, I think — though some of those early meanderings are still quite dear to me. I’ve learned not to overthink the pieces I write, but rather to write and then let it go. Though sometimes I suspect I might let it go a bit too soon — oh, the typos, and the leftover puddles of murky writing that can get left behind! Definitely more room for improvement in the coming year… .

Last but not least, I’ve found some terrific blogs to read, because all of you have dropped by to read mine. I will pick up the blogging and the reading again — soon, I hope — so don’t be surprised if you see me liking and/or commenting on some of your dusty old posts! And your latest ones, too, of course.

Cheers! I’m looking forward to at least another year of this.

4 thoughts on “Giving Thanks on my Blogiversary

  1. Thank you, too, for your wonderful content (and in the process, encouraging me to look up more Filipino folklore stories). Happy anniversary. I’m happy you decided to keep on blogging/writing. I look forward to your future posts.

    • And thank you for bringing more Filipino folklore stories to my attention! I’m looking forward to more reading, as well as more writing.

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