A Find from my Basement

My second post related to the Lancashire witch hunts is almost finished, but other things have intervened in the meantime. We spent a few hours this morning fishing more boxes of books out of the basement and I found this:


The copyright is 1958; I think I must have picked it up from a used bookstore in Pittsburgh, way back in grad school, because the original price tag is from Kaufman’s department store, on Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh (long gone).

I paid $10 for the book, several decades later.

The purpose of the book is to illustrate by representative selections of prose and verse the artistic use of folklore by American authors.

Among the several divisions, there are sections on “Devil Tales”, “Ghost Tales”, “Witchcraft and Superstition”, and “Heroes and Demigods”. Possible fodder for the blog, don’t you think?

In the meantime, enjoy a few illustrations.

The bookplate. I don’t know why, but that doesn’t look like fifties-era writing to me. The seventies, maybe?





Davy Crockett, American Hero and/or Demigod.

4 thoughts on “A Find from my Basement

    1. The book has some terrific illustrations. It’s been fun to flip through; hopefully I’ll have a chance to actually read it soon.

    1. Oh, there’s all kinds of places to find treasure in, especially when it’s your own. The back of the coat closet, the bottom of your dresser drawer, under the bed, the trunk of your car. If you travel relatively infrequently, pulling out the trusty suitcase or duffel bag sometimes gives you back something you forgot that you lost…

      Just don’t look too hard in the back of the refrigerator.

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