The Secret Ghosts of Objects

Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art 16
He/She. Artists: Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

A friend posted a link to this gallery of Shadow Art yesterday. It’s a collection of photographs from four different artists who tease surprising and intricate shadow images from random objects.

What looks like a pile of trash becomes an image of two friends enjoying each other’s company. Squares of crinkled paper become the profiles of people you might pass on the street. All it takes is the right light.

It’s fun to try to figure out how they did it; it’s also fun just to imagine the hidden beings and secret messages that lurk in the innocuous objects that surround us.

At the bottom of the gallery page are links to the four artists who created this work. Enjoy.

Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art 7
Profile. Artist: Kumi Yamashita.

2 thoughts on “The Secret Ghosts of Objects

    1. What a beautiful way to put it! Thank you for that very kind comment.

      Life, I think, is a series of patterns emerging from apparently random events. It’s nice to feel that my blog reflects this, somehow. I can almost fool myself into thinking that I did it on purpose 🙂

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