My List-free New Year

Nyweekend2010 2011
Drake’s Beach, New Year’s weekend 2010/2011. Photo: Nina Zumel

I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions and lists a few years ago. It’s disheartening to find last year’s list — or the list from two years ago — and spot the items that you can’t check off. Sometimes, yes, it was a failure of accomplishment. Other times, it’s because my priorities changed sometime during the year. What was important to me at the dawn of 2011 may not be as important to me, by the dawn of 2012.

Now, I focus on maintaining one goal that feels right, at this moment. This year, it’s this blog. I’ve already let one blog die, but I feel inspired by this one. Within its brief lifespan, I’ve already encountered new people who are interested and engaged by at least some of what I have to write. All of you who “like” my posts, who comment, who follow me: you encourage me, and motivate me. Once in a while, I’ll see a search query that appears to be targeted specifically to something that I wrote. That’s encouraging, too.

I hope that I’m returning the favor to all of you, as well.

I choose to think that the time is right, for this blog (and that perhaps the time was wrong, for the previous one). It will be harder to keep up the posting after the holidays pass, and my work schedule kicks in again. For now, I will try for three times a week — and more is gravy. I hope everyone enjoys reading the posts, as much as I enjoy writing them.

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful and productive 2012 — may you all accomplish what you were meant to accomplish in the coming year.

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